Thursday, August 30, 2018

Leaning To Grow Cannabis in the Pacific NW

There are a lot of resources out there to help you learn to grow cannabis and many of them have been accumulating content for a long time. The problems I've found is that 1,) some content hasn't aged well, 2) some if inaccurate to start with 3) a lot of it does not apply to my specific environments.

That's where comes in. It is all new, fresh content and heavily researched. The best part for me is that its produced right here in the Pacific NW, and while it's applicable worldwide, it also has some specific advice for folks in the north-west parts of the United States. Whether you are in Portland Oregon, Salem Oregon,  Seattle Washington, Olympia Washington or Northern California, you are apt to find so great tips specific to this area. Check out their getting started guide.

There are a couple of outdoor live grows going on right now, some covering strains that were developed on the west coast, including an Alien Bubba grow and a Frost Boss grow.  If you're looking for a beautiful ornamental cannabis plant, check out the Dark Devil Grow. These provide great examples and learning lessons on outdoor growing.

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