Sunday, October 23, 2016

Seattle Pro Tip: Can-Can Kitchen & Cabaret

The bad puns almost write themselves here, but indulge me a few? Its a great show, catch it if you can-can! You think you can't find something fun to do, but you can-can! I can-can go on all day!

Anyway - the Can Can Kitchen & Cabaret is a hole in the wall that you would easily miss if you weren't looking for it. Go look for it though, you'll be glad you did.

Its right in Pike's market, but sort of hidden down a hallway. The hidden location adds to the decadent vibe.

The inside is decorated in early debauch, with red walls and a dark wooden rafter ceiling.

We went for a toned down matinée and had perma-grins on our face the whole time! The host, who called himself Phenomo-Tom was hilarious and wove a pretty funny history of Seattle through dance scenes,

The dancers and singers were excellent. My wife and teenagers went on about the costumes and performance in general. It really felt like the whole room was having a great time - including the dancers and singers!

The show lasted 45 minutes. You are seated and order before the show begins. The service was excellent and the food was amazing! I highly recommend the crab Benedict.

Like I said, we went for the matinée with our young adult children, but have decided that we have to go back for the adults only night time show.

Honestly, I can't recommend this enough for a laugh out loud good time. It adds the perfect amount of decadence.

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